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Track SAPX Express AWB/Receipt

Check the receipt or AWB number to track package/document delivery. Monitoring delivery status of your package/document to their destination. Enter your receipt number maximum of 20 AWB.

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Are You a Seller? Track Goods Delivery with Reference Number

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What Is Receipt Track

AWB Track is a service that can be used to track packages of goods being sent. To check, you only need to enter the receipt number on the website of the expedition service used to send the goods.

Every item sent using an expedition service will receive a receipt number or AWB as the package identity. The tracking number can be used to find out the delivery status and track your package.

As a delivery service user, you need to know how to check SAPX Express receipts or AWB.

Definition of SAPX Express Receipt

Receipt is an abbreviation of AWB (AirWay Bill). In general, AWB is a document related to the delivery of goods via air transportation which contains the same information as a receipt. The function of this AWB document is as evidence in the package collection process.

The receipt number or AWB functions as the package identity and can be used to track the whereabouts of the package being sent. This SAPX Express AWB number can be a communication tool between sellers and buyers to increase trust between both parties.

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How to Track SAPX Express Receipt

Track SAPX Express AWB to track packages in the delivery process can be done online in the following way:

  1. Visit the official SAPX Express website
  2. Go to AWB track page on the main menu
  3. Enter SAPX Express AWB number in the column provided (maximum 20)
  4. Click the track delivery button
  5. Then click the search button on AWB Number column in table
  6. Your latest delivery status is displayed

Example of SAPX Express Receipt

The receipt number and AWB number are a combination of numbers used to identify the package. Every package or item sent will have a different tracking number or AWB number.

Usually, the SAPX Express receipt number or AWB can consist of 16 digits. Example of a receipt for checking AWB SAPX Express tracking, namely: (CGK8000012345678).

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The SAPX Express receipt number is listed in the proof of delivery document in the AWB column. The location is usually below the barcode. The receipt number can be used as AWB tracking for Indonesia so it needs to be stored properly.

SAPX Express Customer Service

To ensure the status and whereabouts of the package you send, it's a good idea to carry out AWB tracking periodically. If you experience problems while tracking your package, contact SAPX Express customer service using the following methods:

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Live Chat

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Phone 1

(021) 2280 6611

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Phone 2

(021) 2280 6612