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Online Warehouse Rental & Fulfillment Services SAPX Express

In addition to providing goods delivery services, SAPX Express also provides Fulfillment services and Warehouse Inventory Management services. This is an online warehouse rental and management service and distribution carried out by professionals so as to ensure warehouse management runs well.


Warehouse Management System SAPX Express

Warehouse rental can be the best solution for those of you who want to expand your business but don't want to be burdened with expensive warehouse construction costs. By renting a warehouse, you not only get a storage area but also get a warehouse with professional management.

Warehouse is one of the important components in a business that serves to store and control the availability of goods. Professional warehouse management makes the company's stock of goods can be monitored with maintained quality.

SAPX Express Warehouse Management can be one of the best solutions for those of you who need warehouse rental and fulfillment services.

Advantages of Using SAPX Express Warehouse Management

Some of the advantages offered by warehouse management from SAPX Express that you can get benefits include:

  • card icon 265+ strategic warehouse locations across Indonesia
  • sdm icon Bills are paid on a monthly basis (credit)
  • marker icon Trained and professional warehouse management personel
  • print icon Customers don't have to worry about providing a large space
  • retail sap icon Available fulfillment features (inbound, storing, packing, and outbound)
  • computer icon Offers efficient management of consignments and incoming goods
  • range icon Certified by ISO 9001
  • internet icon Insurance and 24-hour security
  • sign icon The location is easily accessible by land and air
  • marker verified icon The temperature-controlled warehouse keeps the good condition
  • fee icon Stock management is transparent for you to see
  • fee icon Quality control is carried out regularly to keep the goods safe

Before and After Using SAPX Express Warehouse Rental

Slide the slider below to see the changes before and after using SAPX Express warehouse rental services.

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SAPX Express Warehouse Network

Currently, SAPX Express warehouses have a network spread across more than 265+ strategic areas in Indonesia. For those of you who need warehouse rental and fulfillment services, SAPX Express can be the right and best partner solution.

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SAPX Express Fullfilment Process

For those of you who want to develop an online business by using warehouse rental and fulfillment services, you need to understand the fulfillment process. Here are the four stages of the fulfillment flow:



The SAPX Express Warehouse will receive, check the condition and quality of the goods, and record the number of goods to be stored.



SAPX Express warehouse will manage, maintain and care for goods neatly, so that your time and energy can be maintained.



We do the packaging of goods by professionals in accordance with procedures that make your goods safer.



Your customer's order will be ready to be delivered according to the required stock with maintained quality.

SAPX Express Warehouse Features and Facilities

SAPX Express warehouse features and facilities that can be maximized for your online business:

  • Warehouse Area 2,500++2 (Expandable)
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • IP CCTV (Long Contract)
  • 24-Hour Security
  • Free 1Mbps WiFi (Long Contract)
  • Manual Forklift (1 Ton Capacity)
  • Coverage Distribution Area
  • Staging Distribution Area
  • Multi Access Gate
  • Backup Genset (16.5 KVA)
  • Shelving
  • APAR / Fire Safety
  • Pest Control
  • Pallet Floor

Improve Your Shipping by Using SAPX Express Warehouse Rental & Fulfillment Services

Frequently Ask Questions

Fulfillment is a new term in the logistics sector in B2B or B2C services. The definition of fulfillment is a service found in the warehouse management system where the fulfillment process consists of inbound, receiving, storing, packing, barcoding, picking, kitting, vase, to outbound.

Definition of Warehouse and Warehouse Management

Warehouse is a warehousing or logistics system used by companies to store and provide goods. This system is able to provide information about the availability and stock of goods, the condition of goods and the status of delivery of goods originating from the warehouse.

Meanwhile, warehouse management is a system created to facilitate the performance of warehouse services that can be utilized as a driver of the supply chain process (procurement process to product delivery). By implementing this system, it can help companies minimize the risks that occur to employees (human error) and increase work efficiency and increase productivity.

Warehouse management is closely related to storage, storage units, order processing, outgoing and incoming goods, picking goods, to checking and replenishing stock items.

Why You Should Use Warehouse Inventory Management on SAPX Express

SAPX Express is the best and most trusted freight forwarding company in Indonesia. SAPX Express goods delivery services serve the delivery of goods to all corners of the archipelago and also serve the delivery of goods from and to abroad.

SAPX Express Warehouse Inventory Management also offers insurance and 24-hour security so that all customer goods are safe from the risk of loss, theft and accidents. SAPX Express locations are currently also spread across various regions of Indonesia.