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SAPX Express Retail Agent Nearby

For those of you who want to send goods in the form of packages or documents starting from 1 kg, you can send them through the nearest Retail Agent from your home or delivery location. SAPX Express retail agents have a variety of services that you can use such as regular services, ODS, to land cargo.

You can also send COD packages without applications and marketplaces through SAPX Express retail agents as an advantage of SAPX Express. Using the COD payment method at SAPX Express agents, you only need to pay the shipping cost, then the recipient will pay for the package on the spot when receiving the goods. Then SAPX Express will disburse the COD funds quickly.

SAPX Express Retail Agent Locations

Find the location of the nearest SAPX Express retail agent from your home to be able to send packages and documents at low prices and fast delivery. We are ready to serve to remote areas throughout Indonesia.


SAPX Express Retail Agent Service

SAPX Express Retail Agents can serve package / document shipments starting from 1 kg with various types of services, including:

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Regular Services

Send packages and documents quickly and at a low price

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One Day Services

LaFaster one-day delivery service for packages and documents

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Cargo Services

Send packages at a cheaper and more economical price (starting from 5 kg)

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COD Delivery

Send COD packages with SAPX Express Agent for more secure payment.

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Insurance Services

Your shipment is safer by using insurance from SAPX Express.

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Send packages/documents overseas via SAPX Express Agent to more than 200 countries.

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Packing Services

Wooden packing service and additional bubble wrap to keep your package undamaged.

SAPX Express Retail Agent Delivery Range

SAPX Express Retail Agents have a wide delivery range to more than 500 cities / regencies and 7.200 sub-districts throughout Indonesia.

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Frequently Ask Questions

SAPX Express retail agents are shipping agents or delivery posts from SAPX Express located around your place of residence which aims to close the distance for customers when they want to send goods. Currently SAPX Express retail agents reach 11,600 retail agents spread in more than 500 cities / regencies and 7.200 sub-districts throughout Indonesia.

SAPX Express can do COD to send packages or documents starting from 1 kg through retail agents spread in more than 500 cities and 7.200 sub-districts in Indonesia.

Delivery services that can be served by SAPX Express retail jonter are:

  1. Regular Service
  2. One Day Services
  3. Cargo Services
  4. COD Delivery
  5. Insurance Services
  6. International Shipping
  7. Packing Service

SAPX Express Retail Agent can deliver packages/documents with an estimated time of 1-2 days for inner city areas, 2-5 days for district areas, and 2-7 days for remote areas on regular services.

To become an SAPX Express shipping agent, you can register at the SAPX Express partnership service.

Types of Goods Prohibited from Delivery at SAPX Express Retail Agents

The following are the types of items that may not be shipped through SAPX Express retail agents:

  1. Money: coins, cash in rupiah or other foreign currencies
  2. Securities: securities such as checks, demand deposits, bonds, and stocks
  3. Prohibited Substances: narcotics, marijuana, morphine, and other drugs or substances deemed to be prohibited
  4. Pornographic Goods: printed materials, reproductions or other items that are contrary to the value of decency and can disrupt the stability of security and public order
  5. Easily Expired: items whose life time is less than the estimated delivery time
  6. Living Things: living things in the form of animals and plants
  7. Dangerous Goods: goods categorized as hazardous, toxic, and explosive or flammable chemical goods
  8. Alcohol: both alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  9. Liquid Goods: shipments in other liquid form unless packaged very well and properly (by attaching MSDS and dangerous goods declaration letter from the customer)
  10. Explosive: explosive items, weapons, and their parts
  11. Gambling Equipment: gambling equipment and lottery tickets
  12. Government Surveillance: items categorized under government surveillance
  13. Glassware: fragile items such as glass, ceramic, crystal, pottery, and acrylic
  14. Wet Food: wet and fresh food, except dry food with a liability release letter and a warning sticker in the form of a food item

Types of Dangerous Goods

The types of items that are categorized as dangerous in order are:

  1. Explosive: explosive items such as gunpowder, bullets, firecrackers, fireworks, etc
  2. Volatile: volatile items such as Butane, Hydrogen, Propane, etc
  3. Flammable Liquids: dangerous goods that are liquid and flammable such as Certain Paints, Alcohols, Varnishes, etc
  4. Flammable Solids: hazardous items that are solid and flammable such as matchsticks
  5. Oxidizing Substances: Volatile items that when inhaled by humans cause dizziness or drowsiness such as Calcium Chlorate, Ammonium Nitrate, etc
  6. Easily Toxic: items that contain toxins and can be transmitted such as Cyanide, Pesticides, Live Viruses, Live Bacteria, HIV Virus, and others.
  7. Radio Active: substances that when exposed to light react and can be harmful to humans, animals, and some types of cargo
  8. Corrosive: items that contain rusting substances such as battery acid, mercury, etc
  9. Other DG Goods: other goods that are considered dangerous and threaten the safety of aviation when transported by air transportation such as magnets, ice picks, vehicles, electric wheelchairs, etc