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Check SAPX Express Shipping Rates

Check postage to find out the shipping rates for all SAPX Express expedition services, starting from SATRIA REG (Regular), SATRIA ODS (One Day Services), SATRIA SDS (Same Day Services), and SATRIA CARGO (Large Package).

Send Goods or Documents Abroad Cheaply And Quickly With SAPX Express

SAPX Express Domestic Shipping Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for domestic delivery of goods and documents using SAPX Express:

  • The largest value of the physical weight and metric weight (volume) will be takenr
  • Volumetric weight calculation: (Length x Width x Height)/5000
  • Cargo services only use ground transportation
  • ODS & SDS services only serve provincial and district cities (direct flights)
  • Estimated delivery (SLA) is calculated after pick-up time
  • Pick-up times follow each hub office's regulations
  • Pick-up requests that pass the cut off time will be processed the next day
  • Delivery estimate SLA may change at any time
check shipping price

Why You Should Do
Check Shipping Rates?

It is important to check the delivery service postage before sending the goods. The aim is to find out how much postage you have to pay when sending goods.

Goods delivery rates are determined by several things, such as distance, volume, weight, and also the type of goods. Rate calculations will differ depending on the type of shipment. For regular goods delivery, shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the goods per kilogram. Meanwhile, for cargo deliveries, shipping costs are calculated based on dimensional weight or volume.

Cara How to Get
Cheaper Shipping Rates

To get cheaper shipping, you can follow these tips:

  1. Choose a trusted seller with an affordable area before buying goods
  2. Buy goods from only 1 seller when shopping online
  3. Use the cheapest delivery service, such as SAPX Express
  4. Use shipping promos/discounts at certain events

Especially for online business people, you can get a discount of up to 35% on shipping costs by registering as a Sahabat Satria.

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check shipping rates

Shipping Cost Calculation Method on SAPX Express

SAPX Express provides goods shipping services at affordable rates. For regular goods delivery, the calculation is as follows:

  • Nearest distance: IDR 8,000 / kilogram for delivery within Jakarta
  • Farthest distance: Rp. 128,000 / kilogram for delivery from Aceh - West Papua

To find out postage details according to your delivery destination, visit

Method for Calculating SAPX Express Cargo Postage

Apart from regular deliveries, SAPX Express also provides cargo delivery services with the following rates:

  • Nearest distance: IDR 4,500 / kilogram with a minimum weight of 5 kilograms for delivery within Jakarta
  • Farthest distance: IDR 55,500 / kilogram with a minimum weight of 100 kilograms for delivery from Aceh - West Papua

You can also visit the SAPX Express shipping service rate check page at to find out more information.

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