about sapx express

About SAPX Express

Since its establishment on 9th September, 2014, SAPX Express has recognized the importance of networks and technology in supporting their business growth. First established, SAPX Express implemented an Android-based operational system in its business. This innovation puts SAPX Express as a pioneer of Android-based shipping service companies in Indonesia. Major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo and Makassar became the Company’s early concern to developing branch offices along with extensive networks to remote villages in the archipelago.

Furthermore, in January 2015, the number of SAPX Express hubs has reached 16 hubs, in March 2015, the number of hubs increased to 40 hubs with the expansion of 200 outlets in Indonesia. In 2022 the total hubs managed independently by SAPX Express are 219 hubs dan sub hubs and will continue to grow every year.

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SAPX Express has delivery coverage throughout Indonesia and internationally. SAPX Express is ready to deliver your packages and documents quickly and safely to their destination.


SAPX Express Main Services

SAPX Express has services for Corporate, Online Seller and Individuals. SAPX Express's primary services include shipping, warehouse and fulfillment, mailroom, and packaging.

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History of SAPX Express

History of SAPX Express first established on 9 September 2014 until now.



Expanding the Fulfillment Network in the Jabodetabek Area

Expanding fulfillment business by adding new warehouses in the JABODETABEK area. The need for warehousing services in Indonesia is increasing every year, making this business increasingly attractive for the Company to develop. Currently the Company has 10 warehouses throughout Indonesia with a total area of 715 sqm and will grow up every year.



Product Development for MSMEs

Focus on carry out product development to capture opportunities in small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). As of March 2021, the number of MSMEs in Indonesia reached 64.2 million with a contribution to gross domestic product of 61.07% or worth 8,574 trillion. SAPX Express, through its retail business line, will try its best to encourage the progress of MSMEs businesses in Indonesia providing relevant services with excellent quality.



ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification as an internationally recognized standard for best practices in quality management.

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Aggressive Growth of Retail Agents

This year, SAPX Express also expanded its operational coverage area by aggressively increasing the number of Retail Agents from 900 retail agent counters in 2019 to more than 4,100 retail agent counters at the end of 2020. This was done to support sellers (MSMEs), make it easier cooperation with e-commerce, as well as fulfilling market demand for counter agency services.


warehouse rent

Opening New Services: Warehouse and Fulfillment

This year, SAPX Express opened a new business line, i.e. the warehousing and fulfillment business to accommodate the needs of customers, especially e-commerce players. SAPX Express also takes advantage of large and cross-border logistics. With the increasing need for cross-border shipping, SAPX Express is slowly becoming a solution for all logistics needs.

cod services

Expanding COD Coverage to 9 Cities

Expanding our COD services, reaching all provinces in Indonesia and adding 3 hubs and 6 sub-hubs.


first courier public company

Becoming the First Public Courier Company in Indonesia

SAPX Express listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on September 27 2018 and became the first open courier company in Indonesia to become PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk. with stock issuer code SAPX.

automotive package

Serving Heavy Equipment and Automotive Delivery

The company began serving customers from the heavy equipment and automotive sectors. As of December 2018, the Company has delivered deliveries to all regions in Indonesia through 94 hubs spread across all provinces in Indonesia.

sapx award

Achieve the Most Promising Brand Award 2018

The Company get the Most Promising Brand 2018 award.


sapx award

Expanding Delivery Reach

Develop and expand branch offices in various cities in Indonesia.

sapx award

Serves the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods Sector

The Company began serving customers from the pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors. The Company began to gain significant benefits from COD delivery services. The number of hubs of the Company increased to 60 hubs.


sapx award

Achieve Indonesia Franchise Marketing Award 2016

The Company get the "Indonesia Franchise Marketing Award 2016.

sapx award

Increase in Number of Hubs to 40 Hubs

SAPX Express added that the number of hubs increased to 40 hubs.


Serving the e-Commerce Sector for COD and Non COD Services

The company began serving customers from the e-commerce sector both on a COD and non-COD basis.

kartu indonesia pintar

Become a Participant Kartu Indonesia Pintar

Armed with an expanding network, the Company participates in the Kartu Indonesia Pintar distribution program pioneered by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.


sapx award

Achieve the Business Record Award (ReBi)

The Company achieve the Business Record (ReBi) award for First Courier Company with an Android-based mobile system and the fastest and most office openings in 6 months.

sapx hubs

Increase in the Number of Hubs and Agents

In March, the number of SAPX Express hubs numbered 40 and it already has 200 Retail Agent outlets in Indonesia.

sapx award

Achieve the Best Indonesian Inspiration & Company Award 2015

The Company received the Indonesian Inspiration & Best Company Award in 2015.

sapx award

Achieve the 2015 Franchise Startup Award

The Company won the 2015 Franchise Startup Award.

sapx sorong branch

Increase to 16 Number of Hubs

In January the number of SAPX Express hubs reached 16 hubs in big cities in Indonesia.


Serving the Banking and Insurance Sector

The Company started serving customers from the banking and insurance sectors.


courier with android pioneer

Pioneer of the #1 Android Based Courier in Indonesia

The Company's business was first established by becoming a pioneer in Android and web application-based goods delivery. The company officially operates under the name PT Satria Antaran Prima, with a total 6 hubs at the end of 2014.

sapx history

Start of Operation 9 September 2014

SAPX Express was first operated in Jakarta on September 9 2014.