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SAPX Express Mailing Room Service

Mailroom management services from SAPX Express can be a solution for you to help handle better distribution of company letters and documents. With professional personnel and a good mailroom management service system, SAPX Express can be a profitable business partner.

A company's efficiency and productivity can increase if it has its correspondence and document activities handled professionally. One way is to use mailroom management services. In addition, using mailroom management services can also reduce paper usage and ensure safer documents.

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Definition of Mailroom Management

Mailroom management is a service or service that focuses on assessing and developing mail and document management solutions that are tailored to the conditions and needs of the company or corporate. Mailroom management activities include:

  • Receive incoming letters and documents which are then managed and organized by our expert staff in a special room for handling letters/documents
  • Provide services to employees who will send documents or goods directly from their respective desks more easily
  • Deliver documents and securities to your business partners

Types of Documents Managed in Mailroom

The types of documents and letters that can be managed and sent on SAPX Express mailroom services are as follows:

  • Important Documents
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Securities
  • STNK
  • SIM
  • Other documents
mailing room

Advantages of Mailroom Service in SAPX Express

SAPX Express provides mail delivery and document management services through mailroom management services. Mailroom management services from SAPX Express serve incoming and outgoing documents or letters. SAPX Express mailroom services have advantages, among others:

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Time and Cost Efficiency

Provides time and cost efficiency for companies with limited human resources in mail management.

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Best Mailroom Management

The service is supported by a good, neat and secure mailroom management system.

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Data Secured

Your customer data will be well taken care of by us and guaranteed confidentiality.

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Professional Mailroom Team

Have a dedicated team of professionals to handle document management and handling.

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Integrated Receiving & Shipping

Perform the process of receiving and sending letters/documents that can be integrated.

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Dedicated CS

We provide specialized and professional customer service as our after sales service.

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Fast and Secure Delivery

Send documents and letters to your business partners quickly and securely.

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Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improve the quality of the relationship between your company and customers.

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Free Pick Up

SAPX Express provides free pickup and delivery to your office address.

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Monthly Shipping Bill

No need to worry about bills, we do the billing every month.

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Routine Monitoring Report

Routinely monitor and create mailroom performance reports to ensure on-time delivery.

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Dashboard Provided

We provide a dashboard to be able to monitor your documents.

SAPX Express Mailroom Management Process

The process that occurs in SAPX Express mailroom management is as follows:


Mail/Document Pickup

SAPX Express will do pickup for mail and documents to your company location.


Manage & Sort Documents

Our mailroom team will receive the documents and sort them according to the company's needs.


Delivery Distribution

Our expedition couriers deliver documents and letters according to the destination address of the goods.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction with SAPX Express Mailing Room Services

Frequently Ask Questions

Mailroom is a service owned by expedition services that focuses on managing mail/documents where companies can improve efficiency and cost savings.

SAPX Express mailroom services have a process that starts from picking up goods in the form of documents / letters, then the goods are managed and arranged neatly for distribution to customers in the company

Mailroom is different from post office services, where this mailroom can be owned by expedition services that have mail and document management services.

The answer is of course you can. In addition to sending packages, SAPX Express can also send letters and documents through Retail Agents for individuals. Companies can also collaborate with SAPX Express and get pickup services for free.

The price of sending letters through SAPX Express starts from IDR 8k for regular services, starting from IDR 15k for ODS services, and starting from IDR 34k for same day services for areas within the city such as DKI Jakarta.

Yes, you can send a letter without putting the return address on the receipt/awb number and just put your phone number. But the return address will still be required for data entry. This is because the recipient's address is the most important address to send the letter to.