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Online Business Seller Partnership with Sahabat Satria

Sahabat Satria is available to assist MSMEs and online business sellers in Indonesia when sending COD and Non COD packages without requiring the use of marketplaces or other third-party services that SAPX Express handles directly.

The Sahabat Satria delivery service responds to sellers' needs by offering delivery solutions, generating greater revenues, and maintaining safety in the middle of the growth in delivery application platforms today.

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Without Using Apps or Marketplaces, Send COD from Your Online Store

If you have an online store, you can easily and safely use the Sahabat Satria delivery service by sending COD instead of going via the market and application.

We can pick them up and deliver them more swiftly to the recipient's address, so you no longer need to rely on programs and marketplaces for delivery.

Benefits of Becoming a Satria Friends Online Business Seller Partner

Sahabat Satria is prepared to be your business partner and offers additional advantages like:

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Free Registration

It costs nothing to sign up as a Friend of Satria, and it's simple and quick to send packages.

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Fee COD 2%

Sahabat Satria charges the lowest COD fee 2% making your online store more profitable.

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Shipping Discounts from 25% to 35%

Receive a 25% to 35% shipping discount for each delivery that doesn't have a minimum or maximum package weight requirement.

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Cashback Up to 5% *

Your online store will also receive additional cashback of up to 5% in addition to shipping discounts. (t&c apply).

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Widest COD Coverage

The widest COD delivery reach throughout all of Indonesia is provided by Sahabat Satria Services.

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Withdrawn COD Every Day

The quickest and simplest method of payout for your online shop business is COD.

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Withdraw Anytime

When a COD is successful, the money will become available as a balance that can be withdrawn from any bank at any time.

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Free Package Pickup

Once the receipt has been printed, our courier will come right to your online store to pick up your package.

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Free Returns All Over Indonesia

You don't have to be concerned about shipment issues because we cover the expense of package return shipping.

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Dashboard Provided

A simple to use dashboard will be provided to the seller so they can deliver packages and track shipments.

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Business Assistance

Online retailers will receive business support from SAPX Express, such as training in digital marketing.

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Free Online Web Store

Sahabat Satria seller partners are given a free bonus in the form of an online shop website that can be used for promotions.

Main Features of Sahabat Satria Online Business

Online business sellers who have registered to become Satria Friends will get the main feature in the form of a free online shop website. You can use this website to increase business sales by promoting products through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and others.

The online shop website for your online business has the features listed below:

Simple Conditions to
Become a Sahabat Satria

Here are the prerequisites and instructions for registering with Satria Friends:

  1. Selling on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) actively
  2. Have an online business that needs COD/Non COD delivery services
  3. You only need to prepare a photo ID card for registration
  4. Just top up your initial balance of 100 thousand rupiah which is used for postage
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Sahabat Satria Online Business Partner Registration Form

Come on, join as a sales partner for the Satria Friends online business and get lots of benefits and benefits.

Frequently Ask Questions

Registration as a Satria Friends partner is free and without cost. The only additional payment required from potential Satria Friends online selling partners is a deposit of IDR 100,000, which can be applied right away to shipping (postage) fees.

Here's how to send a COD package via Sahabat Satria

  1. Prepare the package to be sent, make sure the package has been packed
  2. Enter shipping details (Sender, Recipient, COD Value and Item Details) in the system
  3. Print the AWB/Receipt that has been entered into the system and stick it on the package
  4. The package will be picked up by the SAPX Express courier and delivered to the buyer
  5. After the package is successfully received by the buyer, the SAPX Express courier receives the COD funds
  6. COD funds will enter the seller's system on the same day and are ready to be withdrawn at any time

The COD fee charged to sellers is 2% of the COD value for Cash On Delivery only. For example, if your COD value is IDR 100,000, then the COD disbursement to the seller will be deducted by 2% or IDR 2000.

If your COD shipment is not successfully sent, the package can be returned to the seller or returned. The seller is not charged a shipping fee to return the package to the seller's address, aka it's free. The seller is only charged a shipping fee to send the package to the buyer which has been taken from the initial deposit when printing the receipt.

Sellers who become Satria SAPX Express Friends are not subject to a minimum package so they can be picked up by the SAPX Express courier. One package will still be picked up by the courier at your shop location.

For online sellers, Sahabat Satria partners will be given business assistance to help improve sellers' businesses, including digital marketing training, Facebook Ads, business literacy, and free online shop website facilities that are integrated with the SAPX Express system.