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Businesses for Goods Delivery Service Agents

You can start a business with SAPX Express with just a few hundred thousand rupiah and potentially make millions. Given the benefits of SAPX Express, which offers the widest COD reach to every part of Indonesia, the shipping retail agent industry currently has a lot of promise.

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Potensial Markets for Delivery Services

Because Indonesia has 175 million internet users and 338 million mobile customers, e-commerce transactions are becoming more valuable.

On the other hand, the logistics industry has a potential for growth of over 30% in 2021, making this a very promising possibility.

The growing volume of online buying and selling activities presents an important possibility for starting a firm that provides products delivery services.

Advantages of Becoming as a SAPX Express Agent

The benefits of joining as a SAPX Express agent or partner include:

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Affordable Investment Capital

With just capital costs starting from IDR 350 thousand, you can start a SAPX Express agent delivery business.

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25% Revenue

Obtain a 25% profit from each delivery transaction for the agents.

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Widest Reach

Most of Indonesia's provinces, cities, districts, and distant places are all served by SAPX Express.

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Internasional Shipping

Agents can send and receive shipments or documents internationally.

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A Cash on Delivery (COD) Services

The service that customers prefer most is COD, which agents can accept starting at 1 kg.

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1% COD Commission Fee

AFor COD delivery, you will get a special commission of 1% of the COD value

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Dashboard Provided

A dashboard will be provided to SAPX Express agents so they can send and track products and documents.

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Pickup & Drop Off Commission

Obtain commission payments from marketplace pick-up and-drop-off vendors who have worked with SAPX Express.

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Very Flexible

Kiosks or homes can be used as flexible company locations, and they may collaborate with other enterprises (such as photocopies, credit counters, etc.).

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Rewards and Gifts

Agents can participate in SAPX Express's incentive programs, which provide a variety of attractive prizes.

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Agent Training

To use the SAPX Express dashboard system, each agent will get training.

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Business Equipment

You will receive office supplies in accordance with the package that you selected.

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Free Promotion

Each agent receives free advertising for their company on the official SAPX Express websites, and

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Business Support

Receive support for your MSME business, including agent development training, business coaching for MSMEs, motivational training, and training in digital marketing.

How to Become a SAPX Express Goods Delivery Agent

The requirements that follow must be met before applying to work as a SAPX Express products delivery agent:

  1. card icon Copy of ID card
  2. sdm icon Provide staff at least 1 person for counter admin
  3. retail sap icon There is a room with a minimum area of 2 x 3 meters retail
  4. marker icon Business location can be passed by 4-wheeled vehicles
  5. computer icon Prepare a computer or laptop for operations
  6. print icon Prepare a printer to print receipts
  7. internet icon Prepare internet network
  8. sign icon Prepare a place to place banners / sign
  9. range icon At least 500 meters away from other SAPX Express agents
  10. marker verified icon Pass the business location survey marker
  11. fee icon Pay the registration package administration fee

Delivery Service Business Partnership Package Options

There are four business partnership package options offered by SAPX Express. By choosing the package you can get business equipment, training and business promotion.

Package 3

  • Sales Counter Training
  • Promotional Banner
  • Brochures, Stamps and Stickers
  • Agent Uniform 2 pcs
  • SAPX Express Delivery Poster
  • Meter
  • Lisplang (90x60 cm)
  • Weight Scales 100 kg
  • Deposit Rp 50.000

Package 2

  • Sales Counter Training
  • Promotional Banner
  • Brochures, Stamps and Stickers
  • Agent Uniform 2 pcs
  • SAPX Express Delivery Poster
  • Meter
  • Lisplang (90x60 cm)
  • Weight Scales 100 kg
  • Deposit Rp 500.000

Package Super

  • Sales Counter Training
  • Promotional Banner
  • Brochures, Stamps and Stickers
  • Agent Uniform 2 pcs
  • SAPX Express Delivery Poster
  • Meter
  • Lisplang (90x60 cm)
  • Weight Scales 100 kg
  • Tablet/Gadget
  • Thermal Printer 80 mm
  • Label Thermal Printer (2 Roll)
  • Jacket & Helm SAPX Express
  • Deposit Rp 700.000

Online Registration for SAPX Express Retail Agent Delivery

Let's join as an SAPX Express agent, get many benefits and benefits

Partnership Information

For more information about the agency, please contact the contact below

Frequently Ask Questions

SAPX Express offers investment packages starting from only IDR 350k. This registration fee is only a one-time payment at the beginning and there is no expiration period. Prospective agents can pay administrative costs by transferring to the PT Satria Antaran Prima account.

Apart from the 25% postage commission, SAPX Express agents also get a commission for COD shipment items. The COD commission value received by the agent is 1% of the COD value sent by the sender and 2% for SAPX Express.

Agent drop off is an SAPX Express agent that can receive package shipments from e-commerce or marketplaces where customers will drop off goods to the agent's location. Then the item will be picked up or picked up by an SAPX Express courier.

All you need to prepare to become a shipping/expedition agent are documents such as:

  1. Copy of KTP and NPWP
  2. Provide at least 1 human resource for counter admin
  3. Memiliki ruangan dengan luas minimal 2 x 3 meter
  4. Business location can be passed by 4-wheeled vehicles
  5. Provide a computer or laptop
  6. Provide a printer to print receipts
  7. Provide internet network
  8. Provide a place to put up banners / signs
  9. At least 500 meters away from other SAPX Express agents
  10. Pass the business location survey
  11. Pay the registration package administration fee

Opening a freight forwarding agent can be a promising business opportunity. This is because the trend of online shopping is increasingly popular, making the need for services for shipping goods also increasingly needed.

The trend of online shopping is likely to continue to grow and become more popular as we enter the era of digitalization. Shopping online is considered more practical, time- and cost-efficient because it can be done from anywhere without the need to come to the seller directly.

Business opportunities for shipping goods or expeditions will have good opportunities in the coming years. No wonder that today more and more people are interested in opening a shipping agent business.

Running a business how to open a freight forwarding service business has a huge opportunity because the competition is still small and not too tight. In addition, the high number of online buying and selling transactions also makes expedition services increasingly needed.

Understanding the Freight Forwarding Agent Business

A freight forwarding agent is a business of delivering goods or packages, in this case the agent will be the connector to deliver goods from online stores or shipping goods to buyers or recipients of goods throughout the delivery coverage area.

Along with the increasing e-commerce business, the potential for developing a courier service business is also increasingly promising. This is because e-commerce requires logistics services to assist in the process of delivering goods to customers.

Courier agents for freight forwarding services usually work with expedition companies that are already large and popular. The goal is to make it easier to get customers because of the big name of the trusted expedition service.

How to Start a Courier Service Business

To start a courier service business, there are several things you need to prepare, including:

1. Have reliable means of transportation and communication

The most effective means of transportation to run a courier service business is a motorcycle. This is because motorcycles are more practical and can be used in all conditions including breaking through traffic jams. In addition, you must also have communication tools such as cellphones and laptops that will be used for business operations.

2. Choose reliable employees

In order for the courier service business to run well, choose a reliable work partner. For example, to take care of administration, choose employees who are meticulous and familiar with using computers. As for courier employees, choose those who are good at driving motorbikes and memorizing delivery routes.

3. Do effective promotion

In order for your courier service to be recognized by many people, it needs effective promotion. You can advertise on websites or social media. The more people know your business, the greater the opportunity to use it.

4. Provide maximum service

Providing good and maximum service quality is the key to the success of a business. With good service, customers will be impressed and trust to use your services in the long run.

5. Offer a variety of services

The more service choices you offer, the easier it will be to attract customers. Offer more complete services than competitors so that people are interested in using your services. Examples include picking up packages from customers and offering COD services.

SAPX Express Expedition Agent Partnership Opportunity

For those of you who are interested in opening a shipping service business. SAPX Express offers partnership opportunities to become a freight forwarding agent. SAPX Express offers easy and profitable partnership opportunities for anyone who wants to join as a freight forwarding agent.

SAPX Express is a service company that specializes in courier and cargo services. The company was founded by Budiyanto Darmastono in 2014 and is one of the pioneering courier service companies in Indonesia that utilizes an online system in all hub office and networks throughout Indonesia.

What is SAPX Express Expedition Partner

SAPX Express expedition partners are authorized agents whose job is to record and deliver goods or documents through SAPX Express courier services. This can be a profitable business opportunity considering that the trend of online shopping continues to increase so that the need for shipping services is also getting bigger.

You can establish a partnership with SAPX Express, especially if you have a strategic location and there is no SAPX Express agent office in that location. Besides being able to bring big profits, the process of becoming an SAPX Express expedition partner is also easy and cheap.

Offline Registration Retail Agent Delivery SAPX Express

Apart from registering online, you can also register for SAPX Express agency offline in the following ways:

  1. Contact the sales marketing team number at each SAPX Express Hub Office
  2. Prepare the necessary administrative requirements
  3. Fill out the application form to become an SAPX Express courier agent
  4. Wait for data verification process 1 - 3 days
  5. If the partnership application is accepted, make administrative payments by transfer to the PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk. account
  6. Go through the agent ID creation process
  7. Join the training system that takes place at the SAPX Express office
  8. Can immediately start agency operations