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SAPX Express Corporate Services

SAPX Express offers a variety of services, including delivery, cash on delivery, mailing room, and fulfillment, to assist your company with the delivery of goods and documents.

Send large packages and documents with the COD capability of the Corporate SAPX Express service, which has the largest delivery area to more than 230 head office across Indonesia.


SAPX Express Corporate Delivery Service

You could use a variety of Corporate SAPX Express services, including shipping and storage, to meet the needs of your business:

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Fast and affordable package and document delivery service

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One Day (ODS)

Delivery services for packages and documents arrive one day faster

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Same Day (SDS)

Send documents and goods for intracity delivery that arrive on the same day.

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Land Freight

Send shipments for a lower cost with postage (beginning at 5 kg).

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COD Delivery

For safer payments, send COD packages using SAPX Express Agent.


Starting with storage, packaging, and shipping, you can rent a warehouse.


Providing secure and dependable mailroom management services.

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Using SAPX Express insurance makes your shipping safer.

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Pack your goods carefully to prevent damage during shipping.

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Multi Pickup

You only need to open one corporate account to be able to pick up at all of your company's head office.

SAPX Express Corporate Delivery Range

In Indonesia, SAPX Express provides delivery services to 7,200 sub-districts and more than 500 cities and districts.


Corporate Delivery Types for SAPX Express

For Corporate, we accept a variety of deliveries from different industries, including the following:

Features and Benefits of Corporate Delivery

The following benefits and features come with using the Corporate SAPX Express service for your business:

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Wide Range

The Corporate SAPX Express service has a wide delivery range to all corners of Indonesia.

Cash On Delivery

The largest network in Indonesia can accommodate COD deliveries because to SAPX Express's status as a COD champion.

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Payment with Credit

We accept credit payments by collecting postage costs every month.

API Integration

In order to connect to your website or system for distribution, we offer API integration.

Shipping Discounts

SAPX Express provides attractive discount offers specifically for your company.

Realtime Tracking

Through a website and our system, you may properly and in real time track your items.

No Charge for Pickup

There is no pickup fee or cost because we will pick up your shipment from your workplace.

Affordable Prices

SAPX Express offers affordable postage for delivery all across Indonesia.

Dedicated Customer Service

SAPX Express provides special customer service to handle your company's services.

Dedicated Courier

SAPX Express has couriers who are experts in shipping and provide specifically for your company.

Dashboard Provided

For the purpose of tracking your company's deliveries, we have built a dashboard.

Messaging & Whatsapp Notification

When the courier will deliver the products, we provide notification services for message and Whatsapp.

The Advantages of
SAPX Express Corporate

For your business, SAPX Express offers COD delivery services. These are some benefits of using COD Corporate SAPX Express:

  • Jagonya COD di Indonesia
  • Pioneer COD Courier in Indonesia
  • Largest COD network to faraway areas
  • Fastest COD Payments
  • COD Fee Only 2%
  • COD payments are sent twice a week
  • Professional COD courier
  • Daily Reconciliation
  • Until they are withdrawn, COD transactions are secure
cash on delivery

Fleet of SAPX Express Corporate Delivery

A variety of delivery fleets are available from SAPX Express Expeditions, including couriers, blind vans, traga, carry boxes, APV, CDE, CDD, and wingbox trucks.

How to Register for
SAPX Express Corporate Services

How to register for the SAPX Express Corporate Service has the following flow:

  1. Please get in touch with Sales or the SAPX Express Hub Head
  2. On the registration form, submit all the required details
  3. Signing of the Cooperation Agreement Letter
  4. The courier will pick up from the head office where you register
corporate delivery

SAPX Express Client

Customers of SAPX Express include those in e-Commerce, Banking, Insurance, Corporations, and Government who have trusted us with their deliveries.

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