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Best & Fastest Delivery Expedition Courier Services in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

SAPX Express is a goods expedition and delivery services of packages and documents with various delivery, COD and fulfillment services. We have the widest delivery network with more than 265 hub office spread across 38 provinces of Indonesia including in Palembang.

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SAPX Express Hub Office Locations at Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

Send your package using the best COD expedition service at Palembang with a wide reach.

SAPX Express Delivery Service at Palembang

SAPX Express Hub at Palembang can serve delivery of packages/documents starting from 1 kg with various types of services, including:

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Satria REG

Service to send packages and documents quickly and at low prices.

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Satria ODS

Package and document delivery service arrives one day faster.

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Satria Cargo

Send packages at cheaper and more economical prices (starting from 5 kg).

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COD Delivery

Send COD packages from/to Palembang with secure payment.

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Insurance Delivery Services

Your shipment is safer by using insurance from SAPX Express.

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International Shipping

Send packages/documents Palembang overseas destination with 244 countries.

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Packing Services

Additional wooden packing and bubble wrap services so that your package is not damaged.

Expedition Services Can COD at Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

SAPX Express is an expedition service that can be COD at Palembang with the widest reach throughout Indonesia. SAPX Express as Jagonya COD offers COD (Cash On Delivery) delivery services with the fastest fee payments, daily disbursement, guaranteed safe and reliable.

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Advantages of SAPX Express Delivery Service

The advantages of using the SAPX Express delivery service in Palembang include:

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Widest Range

SAPX Express shipping services have the widest range to all remote areas in Indonesia.

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Dedicated Courier

SAPX Express has a fleet of professional couriers who are experts in making deliveries in every city & district of Indonesia.

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Free Pickup Fees

SAPX Express picks up goods directly to the location of your online store and is free of charge or free.

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Goods Insurance

Your shipment will be maintained and safer by using insurance from SAPX Express.

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COD Delivery Feature

You can use the SAPX Express COD service if your online business has a pay-on-site feature.

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Realtime Tracking

You can track your shipment through our website or dashboard.

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Free Return Fee *

Problematic shipment? We provide free return shipping. (*conditions and conditions apply)

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Customer Service

Our customer service is ready to serve you for problematic packages, we serve it optimally.

SAPX Express Fast Delivery Courier Fleet

SAPX Express Courier has a variety of delivery fleets including couriers, blind vans, tragas, carry boxes, apv, cde, cdd, to wingbox trucks.

Safe and Anti-Damage Goods Packing Services at Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

To increase the guarantee that goods will reach their destination safely without risk of damage, the SAPX Express Branch at Palembang offers additional services for packages to be sent in the form of packing services. The goods packing services offered are in the form of bubble wrap and wood packing services which you can choose according to your needs.

For those of you who run an online shop business, using this packing service can make your business more efficient. By using the packing services from SAPX Express at Palembang, your package can reach its destination more safely.

SAPX Express packing services have several types that you can choose according to your needs, including:

Online Warehouse Rental & Fulfillment Services at Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

Apart from providing goods delivery services, the SAPX Express Branch at Palembang also provides Fulfillment services and Warehouse Inventory Management services. This is an online warehouse rental and management service as well as distribution carried out by professional staff so as to ensure warehouse management runs well.

Some of the benefits offered by warehouse management from SAPX Express in Palembang that you can benefit from include:

  • card icon 265+ strategic warehouse locations across Indonesia
  • sdm icon Bills are paid on a monthly basis (credit)
  • marker icon Trained and professional warehouse management personel
  • print icon Customers don't have to worry about providing a large space
  • retail sap icon Available fulfillment features (inbound, storing, packing, and outbound)
  • computer icon Offers efficient management of consignments and incoming goods
  • range icon Certified by ISO 9001
  • internet icon Insurance and 24-hour security
  • sign icon The location is easily accessible by land and air
  • marker verified icon The temperature-controlled warehouse keeps the good condition
  • fee icon Stock management is transparent for you to see
  • fee icon Quality control is carried out regularly to keep the goods safe

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