Indonesia's Top 20 Rising Star Brands

Posted on 2019-10-09 02:35:22

This time SWA together with Business Digest marketing research firm netted 20 of Indonesia's best rising star brands, using a quantitative methodology based on three parameters. Who are they?

Yanto Suryanyah (32 years) more recently uses SAP Express courier services when shopping online for personal needs through various online trading sites (e-commerce). Not only because of the price factor which he thinks is cheaper, but also because the service is satisfying. Sometimes Yanto uses the SAP Express service for the Same Day Service package (the day sent that day to the destination), especially for items that are urgent, but sometimes he uses the Regular Service package. What also made him interested, this courier service provider also provided freight forwarding services with a cash on delivery (COD) model or paid on the spot.

Yanto's interest in SAP Express is very plausible, and not only is he a fan of SAP Express, which is classified as a new courier player. This brand of courier service is on the rise, not only among individual user but also corporate. The company that has collaborated to provide COD services with 120 e-commerce companies has also been trusted by large corporations such as Bank Mandiri, BCA, Adira Finance, Indofood, Unilever, Zilingo, Lazada, and Blibli.

The increasingly impressive reputation of SAP Express can also be traced from the growth of PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk's revenue performance which houses this brand. In the first quarter of 2019, SAP Express earned Rp 84.05 billion, an increase of 74.41% compared to the previous year, Rp 48.21 billion.

SAP Express is just one of the 20 original Indonesian brands that is currently on the rise (rising star brand) that has been captured by SWA and Business Digest research firm. To get the Top 20 Rising Brands, various brands were selected through a series of quantitative methodologies. Starting from an inventory of native Indonesian brands whose performance is indeed on the rise, and the brand is a maximum of five years old (launched in 2014 and above). The brand must be able to break through the market, exist, with an increasing level of penetration from year to year since its presence.

After brands that meet these requirements are collected, the brands are checked and surveyed to consumers using quantitative methods. Namely, by asking consumers of these brands, and measuring them using three parameters, namely the level of customer satisfaction, the level of customer loyalty, and the level of customer willingness to recommend the brand (advocacy). From the consumer survey, scores of each brand were obtained for the three parameters and the average score. Then, 20 brands were chosen with the highest average score. The results of the 20 highest brand scores can be seen in the table.


Source: SWA Magazine Edition 14, July 25th - August 7th 2019